Your peace and privacy is top of our agenda. Unlike many other lodge developments where lodges are packed closely together, our lodges are low in density. Each lodge at Barstobrick sits well apart from the others, on its own special area of hillside surrounded by colourful whin bushes.

Spectacular in spring with their pretty yellow flowers, the whins create a natural boundary, screening the lodges from each other so that no-one is directly overlooked. The small access road that weaves through the site is also a discreet distance away from each lodge, serving to create a truly relaxing, stress free environment for all our residents. 

Peace and Privacy
peaceful lodge
Low Density Lodges
lodge in low density park

Lodge Design

Spacious and open plan in design, Barstobrick Lodges are manufactured by one of Scotland's leading manufacturers of Scandinavian style timber homes - 'Island Leisure'.

The lodges are not kit buildings. Each one is built in Perth from quality raw materials. Romantic, elegant, minimalist or rustic - Island Leisure's architects and interior designers work to your own specifications, while carefully guiding you through the process of creating your dream holiday home at Barstobrick.

Lodge Styles

At Barstobrick, we want each lodge to blend into its natural surroundings, therefore we have stipulated that each lodge purchased must be from Island leisure's Glen Range. This look can be achieved with either vertical or horizontal timber cladding but must be painted to match the other lodges currently on site. The lodge interior, size, configuration and decking options are bespoke so that you get exactly what you want to suit both your taste and life-style.

The Island Leisure architects and interior designers have 30 years of experience making the process from design to delivery as smooth as possible.

The first step is to visit us, see round our show lodge and view each of the plots available. The shape, and outlook of the plot will have an impact on the way you design your lodge.